Exterior House Washing

One of the most common concerns customers have and mention to us is “I don’t want someone to put a lot of pressure on my house. “This is a great concern and we make it a priority to put only the necessary amount of pressure on any surface. Although we have pressure washing equipment that can reach up to 4000 PSI, that much pressure is rarely used. The fact is that nearly any surface is cleaned more safely and effectively with the proper chemicals and cleaners and the least amount of pressure possible. Some pressure washing companies refer to this as soft washing. When cleaning the exterior of any home or building regardless if it is brick, vinyl, T-111, hardy board, stucco or any other surface, this is the process any experienced professional will use. It is not good for any home exterior to be blasted away at it with high pressure as it can damage wood, blow out window seals, strip good paint and chip away at bricks and grout. Be careful who you hire to pressure wash your home. If they are a company that does a little of everything, they may do more harm than good. We, on the other hand, specialize specifically in pressure washing.

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